Well, at least we’re eating well…

Luckily I have yet to succumb to the Covid-15, but it hasn’t been easy. Here’s a sampling of the temptations facing my mouth recently.

First, the now famous Tik-Tok quesadilla hack, as demonstrated by Chef Kevin McKinney:

I just ordered seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds – sunflowers! and strawberry plants! It will be nice to have some yellow and red on the table again.

March is the month for our annual seasonal shut-down, during which, in 2020, the entire world shut down. We expect to do some camping, but mostly we’ll just be doing more of the same – staying home and eating. In the past, our work life involved most nights and weekends at whichever Restaurant du jour, so being at home every single solitary night is another new thing we’ve gotten used to this year. And it’s not bad, you know? Amazing that it has just become a fact of life.

One that I can’t wait to change.

Until then, at least there’s snow!


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