Got Hot Peppers?

Make pickled peppers!

The above jars of peppers are the results of maybe 30 minutes of work per batch – the two on the left contain jalapeno peppers sourced from our neighbor’s garden. (Which we just pickled this morning, hence the early Christmas coloring – that will fade.) The three on the right are a combination of the havasu peppers and seranos that we grew in our garden and pickled last week. All hot. All good.

Here’s what you do: stem and core (if it’s a thick core) your peppers. Slash them on the sides deeply in several spots. Pack them in a heatproof jar with a smashed clove of garlic and a half dozen or so black pepper corns. Heat about one cup of vinegar with 1/2 teaspoon salt per pint of peppers. When the vinegar is boiling, pour it over the peppers until they are submerged. Once they are cooled you can put them in any jar you like with a non-reactive lid and keep them in the fridge. Let them mellow for a week or so, and then just tuck in whenever the need strikes.

The recipe – from “The Feast of Santa Fe” – says that the peppers will keep indefinitely. Not likely! We have found ourselves adding them to sandwiches, chopped up and added to salads like macaroni or potato, or included in condiments like tartar sauce, or to guacamole or salsa or anything else that needs a quick hot tangy pickle addition to it. And the vinegar – which is basically what the recipe was titled: Chili Vinegar – can be used with tacos, grilled porkchops, chicken salad, Caesar dressing, what ever recipe you have that you want to galvanize with a splash of hot vinegar. A two-fer! And it couldn’t be easier!

We’ve made several batches this summer, so don’t be surprised to see them on our Pantry Menu in the near future.

Meanwhile, Kevin is making the pickled vegetables for his miso-cured salmon this week.


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