Tomatoes of August

I’m going to start this Post with a bit of a rant against Social Media – why do they make it so hard? Why do they change the rules all the time? New FaceBook is impossible. Instagram says it’s already on my phone, well, where is that? And WordPress just loves their new Editor, so hey, how do you frigging use it, okay? I’m about to give up all together I tell you. Either that or hire a 12 YO to help me.

Enough whining, let’s eat!

Corn is still a big part of the picture, and watermelon is currently a daily part of the diet, but tomatoes are stealing the show right now, as they often do in August. We were gifted a flat of various heirlooms yesterday, so of course that means BLTs for dinner!

Anyway, it was the best BLT ever – we added avocado which was not necessary, and fontina cheese, which was – with KBM bacon, on Kevin focaccia bread. And plenty of Duke’s!! Sandwiches for Supper!


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