I’m fairly certain that I have written about elotes, or Mexican street corn, in a previous life, but as our area becomes sweet corn central, it’s not a bad thing to refresh your memory about this superior way to eat corn on (or off) the cob.

Elotes – or its cousin, esquites – is one way to make corn a meal.  We first became acquainted with it due to our worship of Pati Jinich, the Queen of the Mexican table. Here is her technique for what she calls “Mexican Crazy Corn”. You can google both styles to find many, many “recipes” for this dish, or you can just gather together the following ingredients and have at it:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Lime juice
  • Cojita cheese or queso fresco (both readily available at the Hispanic market in Chestertown, or use Parmesan instead)
  • Cilantro – if you hate it, skip it
  • Cayenne or chile powder, if you like

What we do is mix the mayo with a little lime juice, enough to thin it out somewhat, and then we add the chopped cilantro and some of the crumbled cheese into that mixture.  Some techniques just spread the corn with mayonnaise and then sprinkle on the cheese separately, but we figure, it’s all going to the same place…

So, take your hot corn – grilled, boiled, steamed, whichever works for you – and spread the mayo-lime-cheese mixture on the cob just like you would butter.  Serve more crumbled cheese on the side to add as needed.  Sprinkle a little hot pepper powder on it and dive in.  Be sure to have plenty of napkins for this one!  And a spoon to scrape up the tasty bits that fall off the cob!




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