Biscuits Lead to Shortcake

Of course this time of year – May, that warm, sunny month that welcomes summer, right? – biscuits are the gateway to Strawberry Shortcake.  Once you’ve got your biscuit thing down, you are on your way.

If your recipe calls for sugar, you are set.  If it doesn’t, add a tablespoon to sweeten up the biscuit for its dessert duty.  You can either pat your dough into one big cake:


Or make your individual biscuits as usual.  We had planned to make a big cake, just for us! but common sense won out, so we made a big cake but cut wedges for each portion.  Either way, it is important, while the shortcakes are baking (if not before) to start your berries sugaring.  They need time to put off some syrup to juicy up those biscuits:


These were the best strawberries we’ve had in a long time.  Probably since last May, at least.  They were offered as “seconds”, for 1.25 less a quart than the “firsts”.  Who cares if they are lumpy and misshapen?  You’re just going to cut them up anyway!  I’m not going to tell you where we get them, because they regularly sell out and I want at least two more quarts before this already short season ends all too soon.

The process for putting your strawberry shortcakes together is a simple one, but important steps must be followed.  You must split the biscuit(s) and spread them with soft butter.  Then, either heat them up in the oven, or place them on a griddle, butter side down, and toast them until they are golden brown and warmed through.

Place the bottom biscuit half in a generous plate or shallow soup bowl, for maximum efficiency.  Spoon a bunch of sugared berries on top, place the top of the biscuit on the berries and ladle the rest of the strawberries and all of the juice over that.  Lastly, a mound of freshly whipped cream, very lightly sweetened, over all.  (Lewes Dairy makes the best cream for this purpose, hands down.)  Finally, dig in.

I recommend having this for supper at least once during the season.  Not for dessert after supper: For. Supper.  Life is short!



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