Who Knew?

When we realized in March that we would most likely not be able to honor our dinner events for the foreseeable future – basically the lifeblood of our business – we were pretty concerned about what that would mean for our bottom line.  We figured, well, we’ll set up a Market Menu – the Market being the lackluster little sister to the Dinners – that might appeal to the stay-at-home nature of life at the moment, not to mention the lack of restaurants to go to.  Kevin has the skills to make restaurant quality meals that our customers could easily reheat or finish in the oven at home.  The first week, after reopening the first of April, we sold out of practically everything on the menu. Well, we thought, we’ve been closed for a month, there’s some pent up demand.  The second week of the same response, we thought, well, it’s Easter, people want something special.  The third week, the same fantastic response.  It is just wonderful.  We thank you.

Kevin starts planning the menu on Saturday, starts ordering on Monday and starts cooking on Tuesday.  He might be putting in the hours, but in some ways he finds this less work than doing the dinners. And of course right now he doesn’t have to work on Friday or Saturday nights.  But also I guess it’s sort of the theory that if you’re going to make two you might as well make two dozen?   So more “bulk” cooking.  At this point, I think it would be fair to say we are transitioning okay in this new economy, with sort of a flip in the business model holding us up.  Something else to be grateful for these days.

Who knew?

The HighLight of meals at home this week was pizza on Saturday night.  In the past, we’ve rigged up a pizza “oven” in the fire pit, using old kiln shelves.  However, those fragile things did not last long, so it’s been awhile since we’ve had Pizza Night.  But the desire is still there, so, on Saturday, we tried it in the Big Green Egg.  Big Success!

This next topic has nothing to do with food or cooking but concerns personal hygiene, an equally hot topic in this pandemic era.  Now is the time to conduct an experiment on your hair. Stop washing your hair.  Stop using shampoo and conditioner.  I am telling you, I have not washed my hair in almost one year.  Definitely 10 months for sure.  No shampoo, no conditioner.  Just a hot water rinse in the shower a couple times a week.  If you are going to be shut in the house for a few more weeks, give it a try.  As they say, what have you got to lose?  Save money on shampoo; stop putting chemicals down the drain into the aquifer.  Here’s what my hair looks like:


Of course, I’ve never been real fussy about my hair – long or short, that was about the level of my decisions.  Gray is gray.  But does that look like hair that hasn’t seen a lick of shampoo in over 10 months??  I can honestly say, it has never felt healthier.  It’s amazing.

Another who knew!

Wine has also been going out our door since the ShutDown began, which is also very  helpful.  Rosé season is beginning and again I am on a quest to try to stock a variety of styles.  It always seems like, at the end of the day, all of our rosés taste the same.   Part of the problem is our wine program tries to focus on “value” wines, and some of the more full-bodied rosés, like Tavels, are on the pricier side.  That being said, even if many rosés are light in body and pale in color, they have some amazingly different flavor profiles.  We tasted two this week – the Klinker Brick from California, and a German pinot noir rosé from Villa Wolf.  Both very light in color, but both full of fruit flavor.  The Klinker Brick was peach! and strawberry!  while the Wolf was sour cherry, with some kind of candy sweet flavor in the opening taste that became tart sweet in the next second.  Both really good, both what we want in a rosé.  As more of the 2019 vintages are released, we will continue to serve our customers by tasting as many as we can in order to have a mixed bag of choices for pink this summer.  It’s the least we can do.

A final note: we are so very appreciative of the support from our customers and their diligence at keeping us safe.  It is what is going to get us through this Global Crisis, and just one more thing that makes life in Kent County so special.  We are very happy to live here.

And, have you noticed, you don’t hear that steady hum of traffic anymore, coming from 301?  It’s back to being as quiet as it was when we were kids.  Of course, we do sort of want to hear that traffic sound, because that would be a sign of things being back to “normal”…


Comegys Road


2 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. wait!!!!!whaaaat???? You haven’t washed your hair in 10 months?? I have washed my hair every day for years and years, and I have been thinking about maybe every other day?? How does it work?? does your hair get really bad for a long time? doesn’t it smell??I mean initially? I have gone to bar shampoo to not use plastic but what a concept!! no chemicals either! If you have time, I need a consult!!! how long does it take to be ok?

    On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 12:07 PM K-B Market and Kitchen School wrote:

    > BaKe posted: “When we realized in March that we would most likely not be > able to honor our dinner events for the foreseeable future – basically the > lifeblood of our business – we were pretty concerned about what that would > mean for our bottom line. We figured, well, w” >


    • I think if you just do a hot water rinse, as often as you need it, it should be fine. My hair was pretty short when I started, so it’s hard to say, but now, at this length, the only time it looks “bad” is when I give it a hearty brushing before the rinse. Then the hair oils are obvious, but I spread it throughout and then rinse it out. Seems to work…


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