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We had a discussion about the masks.  The Governor’s mandate advises customers and employees to wear masks in public and frankly, I was a little bit conflicted.  I understand the mentality behind it, 100%, but I wasn’t sure how our customers would react, seeing us in masks in our own place of business.  I didn’t want them to think we were not doing every thing we could to keep them safe – all the sanitizing, the safe distance apart, the PL pick-ups, the reader velcroed to the tile – which wearing a mask might negate.  But finally a customer knocked some sense into me.  He said “I am wearing a mask to keep you safe.  You wear one to keep me safe.”


Kevin’s been wearing a face covering for awhile now, to every trip to the grocery store, to Sudlersville Meat Locker, to the hardware store.  I haven’t been wearing a mask because I haven’t been going anywhere, except work.  But I had the wherewithal – a balaclava – so that is the plan going forward: we will greet you in your mask wearing ours.  It’s another new normal.

Food, of course, has been front and center in our small little world, as usual.  A little less cooking at home this week, because Kevin has been in the Kitchen at the Market 3 nights out of 5.  And when I am left to my own devices, there is very little cooking going on.  However, Saturday night was a celebration of the end of week 2 of Business-Not-As-Usual, and dinner was the event.  In the BeforeTimes, martini night was on Sunday, since that was our day off.  Now, however, since we are not working on Saturday night so much, that has become the new Martini Night.  And in case you are wondering: gin, sometimes up, sometimes on the rocks, 3:1 with a twist.  And generally shaken when it’s up.

BTW, I just finished my portion of said chicken a few minutes ago…

Spinach was a focus this week, along with Godfrey’s asparagus.  Owings and Sons gives Kevin a run of the spinach field – I guess they figure how much damage can one man and a pair of scissors do to acres and acres of spinach? – and he came home with supper: a recreation of one of my favorite meals from Luisa’s – pasta with spinach in a creamy sauce.  It was almost as good as Vinny and Mimmo make.

((I suppose it is a bit contradictory that while we are being so wonderfully supported by our customers ordering carry-out food, we have not done the same for our fellow members of the local Hospitality Industry.  Part of the reason, of course, is that we have an in-house chef.  A large part, I suppose.  But also, for us, going out to a restaurant was (is!) more about eating out as it was/is just simply being out.  We like sitting at the bar, chatting with the tender, chatting with the regulars, chatting with the boss, relaxing with some wine and oh, yeah, dinner too!  The social aspect of it was almost more important than the eating part.  So, since we can’t sit at any bars and talk with anyone, we have not done our share in supporting those who are doing everything they can do to keep their businesses afloat.  We are lucky, we know that, and we will do everything we can to support them when there is some modicum of normalcy again.))


Lunch on Tuesday was an open faced spinach sandwich, which was the inspiration for the sandwich on this week’s Market Menu.

Spinach lasagna was a huge sell-out, with nary a scrap left over for the Chef and his dishwasher.  The same could be said for the sandwich, pictured before its layer of cheese on top.  I did get some of the asparagus soup.  And a tiny taste of the chocolate cheesecake.  However, don’t go feeling all sorry for me, heck, here’s what dinner was like last night:


I’m sitting there at the counter, drinking wine, while dinner is plated.  The results?  Homemade gorditas, stuffed with spinach and cheese, served with refried beans (my job!), avocado, cilantro (still cutting from overwintered crop in the garden) and pickled onion.  The kitchen might have been in a bit of a mess when all was ready, but, small price to pay.

This crazy, crazy time is probably only going to get crazier.  We are completely aware of how fortunate we are, in the midst of everything that is going on all around the world.  We have our jobs, we have our home, we have our health.  And we have our little dog – Joey – who constantly reminds us that life goes on.  She is a survivor, and manages to not only give us great comfort but a lot of laughs too.  There is nothing better that watching a dog race around the yard, chasing a toy, barking with glee.  If that doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will.  She has three sets of toys, which change up every now and then, with the one set getting washed while the “new” set gets doled out as warranted.  Supposedly this keeps her from getting bored with the toys, and it seems to work.  Her most recent set of cleaned toys sat on the dining room table for a few days, just because they alone brought a smile.


Spring is going to come eventually.  Nature doesn’t know about the pandemic.  Turkeys are calling, osprey are nesting, turtles are crossing the road.   Maybe a walk out to Sassafras Wildlife Area will be in the cards this weekend.  Or a bike ride around the farms of Kennedyville.  Whatever road you travel, make it a good one.  And perhaps dinner will be your reward.  It’s the little things that count, right?


2 thoughts on “Weekly UpDate

  1. Barbara and Kevin – What a fine journey with you in this UpDate! We are doing well in our cocoon but miss our many good times over the years with you two! The first I can tag is Jim’s 50th at Ironstone — he is now 87! Thanks for your gifts! Win

    On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 12:43 PM K-B Market and Kitchen School wrote:

    > BaKe posted: “We had a discussion about the masks. The Governor’s mandate > advises customers and employees to wear masks in public and frankly, I was > a little bit conflicted. I understand the mentality behind it, 100%, but I > wasn’t sure how our customers would react, ” >


    • We go waaay back, that’s for sure! I am so glad that I am not trying to get a business established at this time of my life, that is also for sure! Glad you’re good in your cocoon!


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