Has Anyone Worried About the Covid-15?

Remember the “Freshman 15”?  I don’t know about any of you, but I was a victim of that experience, back in 1973.  And I think it took about 40 years to lose it.  With all of this eating at home and not working on Friday and Saturday nights like we were doing back in the olden days, ie. two months ago, I am watching the scale carefully.  So far so okay, but I am glad I don’t have my normal stash of candy in the usual hidden locations right now…although I sorely want some!

Kevin has been working very hard in the Market since we re-opened on April 2.  He’s probably been cooking just as much as ever, staying here pretty late on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, to be ready when the Market opens on Thursdays.  The Menu email goes out on Tuesday and this week the orders started coming in within minutes of the email going out.  Two cases of chickens – gone.  38 crabcakes.  Over 4 dozen orders for the vegetable gratin.  25 requests for the lamb medallions. Two chocolate cakes.  He’s been a very busy chef and still manages to cook dinner for us, when he is there to eat it anyway.  I have been helping with the dishes at least…


I did manage to make a Caesar salad the other night, which was fortified with our last ripe avocado, some roasted poblano peppers, pickled onions and sided with some cheese filled gorditos.  You can tell that I made the salad by the fact that the avocados are cut so raggedly – they would have been much more uniform and laid out much prettier if the Chef had performed that duty.  What can I say?

Last night it was risotto (again), with clams this time.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  Tonight is Saturday night, we’re off (again) and the plan is to have an all-day fire on the patio and build up some nice coals for roasting a chicken.  And maybe eat this:


Ha!  the first stalk from one of our two “wild” beds.  However, I understand that Godfrey’s is cutting asparagus now, and offering “curbside” pickup, if you prefer, as well as being open at the stand.  Nothing says Spring like asparagus, in my mind, and nothing says asparagus like Godfrey’s, since my big bed is over and done with this year.

This situation with the Chestertown Farmer’s Market is an ongoing controversy.  Apparently the switch in locations – from Fountain Park to Wilmer – will not meet the Health Department’s requirement that Vendors space their stalls 30 yards apart.  Some of the Farmers have set up stands on their own property – like Coops and Crops outside of Kennedyville – or are bringing their products to the Guernsey Depot on High Street in Chestertown.  But I imagine there are some crops that are not being brought anywhere, and that is a sad state of affairs for the Farmer and the Consumer.  I’m sure the Farm Market Committee will figure it out, maybe just say heck with being the “Chestertown Farmers Market” for now and become the “Kent County Farmers Market” and set up shop in the Parking Lot at the High School in Worton.  If there isn’t plenty of room there for vendors to maintain their distance, then there isn’t enough room  anywhere.  And the customer can just stay in their car, drive from vendor to vendor and have “curbside” service.

Everyone is learning as they go.  I know we are.  And I have a feeling some of this “new” normal will become normal eventually.  For instance, washing your hands. Of course everyone has always known how important it is to wash their hands – you see it posted in every public restroom in the country – but did we all do it after every trip to the grocery or hardware store, as a matter of course?  Maybe there will be fewer colds, let alone pandemics.  I don’t want to give up hugging or even handshakes, so cleaner hands would help there too, no?  I’m not sure I’ll get used to the masks, but wearing one in public if you have a cold, maybe that would be a good idea in the days to come?

Many, many things are being shaken up, besides public health issues, and we all are going to have a lot to grapple with in the weeks and months ahead.  A lot of suffering going on.  We are very lucky so far.  If my biggest problem, when this is all over, is that I’ll have to go on a diet, well, that will be just fine.


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