I Cooked Dinner Last Night!

Probably in most households, this would not be headline news, but at our house, it is.  Particularly since I performed this duty all by myself.  All. By.  Myself!  And it took me about 90 minutes to do it…

I made Pati Jinich’s Macaroni and Cheese, Mexican style.  This is the second time and it is still a keeper.  Here’s the link to the recipe.  I made very few changes – I halved it, I didn’t use the optional bacon, and I used asparagus instead of zucchini.  Oh, and we had no whole milk so I had to use 2%.  Next time I would use whole, but otherwise, not a bad job Barbara!

For those who don’t look at the recipe, it’s green because you puree poblano peppers with the milk before you make the bechamel.  Bechamel!  For the second time in my life, I made a roux and then a white sauce!  I was a little puzzled by the roux’s behavior, since I really don’t have a lot of experience with that, but it seemed okay in the end.

Tuesday night Kevin grilled chicken for us, over a live fire, which we ate with the neighbor’s green leaf lettuce.  Grilling chicken is very difficult, in my opinion, often yielding chicken that is black on the outside and pink in the middle.  Or worse yet, sawdust on the inside.  This week Kevin got it just right.

As far as the promised pix of Staycation Meals, here are a few that made the way to the camera:

Food.  It’s really what we are all about.  I mean, in some ways, it’s ridiculous – just this morning, while I am reheating Mac&Cheese for our breakfast, I ask Kevin “What are we having for dinner tonight?”!!  Really?  Can you not even make it through breakfast before you start thinking about dinner??


One thought on “I Cooked Dinner Last Night!

  1. Two questions how spicy are poblanos & why in the world would you omit bacon ? I like Patti too but Bill’s not much on spicy food. Great pics! It did take me a second when I got to the gut picture.


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