StayCation Dining

We were on “Seasonal Shut-down” for the Month of March this year, which is another name for “Retirement Practice”.  Or “Vacation”, in reality I guess, since retirement is a bit in the Future.  Food, as usual, was a major focus.  Particularly self-provided.  We did go out a couple times, mostly while we were camping at Cape Henlopen – Lewes Delaware is home to more than a few decent dining rooms, outside of the campsite – but mostly we dined in.

So, to document the escapades of your intrepid chef and his aide, let us begin with food at the campground.  Campground meals are generally planned well in advance, with the supplies on board and recipes finalized.  This trip however, we wanted to be a little more spontaneous.  We had some things left over from the Market that we needed to eat (kale salad, I’m talking to you), plus we like to stop at Gigante Market– a wonderful International grocery store in Milford, which is on our way to CHSP – and see what they have for us to add to our larder.  So, with that in mind, we left with no real menu plans except for the food we brought from home and a few staples to tide us over for “brunch” (the first meal of the day) and snacking.

I think that this will be our process going forward.  Descriptions of our Campground Cooking are attached to the photos.  Mostly successful, some need more work, but all were at least edible.


Next installment – staycation meals on the home front.


One thought on “StayCation Dining

  1. Love your array of dishes, food looks pretty good too. We are not that fancy when we camp. Bill enjoyed his self Saturday night, Keep posting, Melinda


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