Cooking at Home: Photos

So we have succeeded in cooking two great meals at home this week – and it’s only Thursday!  Our refrigerator is stocked with lots of vegetables – peppers and carrots, onions and Brussels sprouts, romaine and avocados.  We have three menus scheduled.

First, Tuesday night.  We were gifted a freshly killed wild duck on Saturday, which was extremely generous and most appreciated by us!  It hung in the walk-in over the weekend and Tuesday Kevin cleaned it and broke it down.  He cooked the legs in the pressure cooker, and then crisped them up in the frying pan.  The breasts were cooked medium rare, and the whole thing came with sweet potatoes and spinach.

Last night we made another recipe from Pati’s book – Miner’s Enchiladas, page 149 – with one major variation: we baked the enchiladas, rather than serve them at room temperature.

This is a delicious dish, lots going on and very satisfying.  I would say, “Try it!”.  You can click through the pics to see my descriptions if you’d like. Kevin did make  the chile salsa at work, since he has the chiles and the big blender there.  We really liked this enchilada dish a lot, making only the one change.  I can see eating it at room temperature in the summer, but last night was not quite summer…

And leftovers are our friend!

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