Porter Road Tri-tip


So, the verdict is in.  Porter Road seems to be delivering in all areas of mail-order beef.  The tri-tip, pictured above salted and drying, was roasted over a live fire to  medium rare, sliced against the grain as recommended and served over arepas and spinach salad to four hungry adults last night, to much acclaim.

I would go for it again.  The flavor of the meat was undeniably “beefy”, something which, amazingly enough, is often lacking in the routinely available commodity meat.  It was tender and juicy – of course that was more to the credit of the Chef of course! – and totally satisfying.  The leftovers – and there were plenty from this 3 pound roast – made a delicious cold sandwich for breakfast this morning, the beef seeming to be even more tender after being refrigerated.

I’m sold.  Goodbye D’Artaganan!


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