Eating the Farmer’s Market #5

The December Farmer’s Market is not the hotbed of social and economic interaction that it is in the more “regular” season, but there is still plenty of produce and many other specialty items that you won’t find anywhere else.


Produce tends to be of the root and leafy variety, but when you see freshly harvested celery root on the Anchor table, you grab it!

For some reason, WordPress is not showing me my preview as I write, so I have to go into the HTML to do that…challenges. I’m going to post the rest of my recent December farmer’s market pics as a slideshow; you will see that the snowy sidewalks did not detract from the vendors attendance…just the customers!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’ve got our upcoming Holiday menus planned, to a certain degree. We typically spend the night before Christmas eating fondue with the neighbors, a tradition that has been going on for maybe 10 years now? An even longer tradition is Christmas breakfast of Eggs Benedict, this year featuring Kevin’s own Canadian bacon! It’s Christmas dinner that gives us the most trouble. We start talking about it weeks before hand – after all, it’s a meal that only comes once a year, right? – and we waffle back and forth between options.  It’s an all afternoon and evening affair, with plenty of champagne to keep our strength up.

Our Holiday Toast to all of you, no matter what Holiday table you sit down to and what’s on it – let it be a peaceful, stress-free and love filled time, full of good food, good people and good memories.

Thank you for all of your support!



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