Sausage Making

Kevin has been making sausage for several years now.  He’s always had an interest in charcuterie, but it was at Brooks that his questions finally found answers.  Nowadays there is usually something curing in the walk-in and almost always sausage on the menu.  He has met with a fair amount of success, perhaps with the Italian style most of all.

He starts with shoulder of pork, often Langenfelder pork purchased through Sudlersville Meat Locker.  He cubes the meat into large chunks and seasons it over night with salt.  Next he prepares his seasonings – typically for Italian it is fennel, garlic, anise, pepper and salt, with the addition of hot pepper flakes for a little bite.

He grinds the cubes of meat once, through the blade that he likes best for whatever type of sausage he’s making.  The ground meat is then carefully blended with the seasonings, mixing it thoroughly until the meat becomes “sticky”.  The salt will be drawing the moisture off the meat, creating juices that will become the binder that holds the sausage together, preventing “crumbly” results.

The pork casings he uses come from Butcher and Packer, an online sausage making supply house out of Michigan, or from the Meat Locker. Pork casings are his preferred size; lamb casing are smaller and more for use in “hotdogs”.  Synthetic casings are often used for cured sausages.  The casings are soaked to soften them up prior to stuffing.

He uses his handy-dandy sausage-stuffer to fill the casings, which he forms into links and hangs to dry in the walk-in overnight.

Here is a slide show of the whole procedure:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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