Beaten Biscuit Pictorials

So, after MUCH trial and ERROR, here’s a little pictorial of the Beaten Biscuit lesson I received at the home of the Master.    Laurette was so kind to offer her time and expertise, and I got so much out of it, I can never thank her enough.  I made a little over 8 dozen the next day, to sell in the Market, and while they were a bit smaller than normal, I think Laurette would have been very proud.  Except for one thing…

Well, maybe two things.  First of all, no I didn’t hand-knead that stiff wad of dough like Laurette did.  I used the Hobart Commercial mixer, which did a fine (and much easier on the arms) job.  Plus, as you may have noticed, I did not use an Ax, which is basically the mandatory tool, but used a meat hammer instead.   Laurette will not be happy, but it was the next best thing – it was what we have!

I can’t wait to make them again – next year!


3 thoughts on “Beaten Biscuit Pictorials

  1. This is what my father did in Sudlersville for “maiden ladies” on Saturday afternoons back in the day. He was born in 1931. Daddy used the “broad side” of an ax and earned 5 cents for his efforts. My father often spent that money to purchase a jar of his beloved olives at a local grocery store and after consuming the olives, he also drank the juice. That was just one of his favorite stories. Now it is one of mine…


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